2016 Spring Concert

On Saturday 5th March a memorial concert in memory of Heather Hoyland will be held at Wisewood Methodist Church. The concert is in association with the Bradfield Festival of Music. Further information on the performers can be found in this file.

Further information about the concert:

Cantamus Girls Choir performed at the 2015 Bradfield Festival of Music – and whilst here in Sheffield I heard about the Choir’s fundraising efforts to finance a forthcoming concert tour of Australia. The Cantamus concert was a sell-out and I know a number of people were disappointed that they could not buy tickets.

With that in mind I decided to organise a concert in Spring 2016 to help Cantamus Choir in its fundraising venture. If you didn’t get the chance to see the Choir at the Festival, here’s an opportunity to do so. One of the aims of the Bradfield Festival of Music is to promote and support young musicians, in the main by providing them with a concert platform. The Festival already collaborates and supports the Sheffield Music Hub by making monetary awards to the two most promising young musicians each year. This concert will also financially support the Sheffield Music Hub.

I have been involved with music promotion and performance for almost thirty years. I have organised or assisted in the organisation of concerts for choirs and instrumental ensembles in aid of various charities at numerous venues across the City and beyond. Throughout that time my wife, Heather, has supported my involvement in that work and has assisted me in so many ways.

Sadly, in August this year, Heather suffered a massive stroke and passed away shortly after. For this reason I decided that the concert I promised to organise would still take place and be held in memory of Heather. Details of the concert are shown in the attached file. Tickets will be available from the beginning of January at the locations shown and telephone enquiries for tickets may be made after 15th January. You may email your order to me at bradfieldmusic@aol.com and I will contact you after 15th January to arrange payment for, and delivery of, the tickets. Cheques should be made payable to “Bradfield Festival of Music Association”.

We will have a wonderful evening of music provided by the world-class Cantamus Choir Senior Ensemble and the talented and enthusiastic young musicians making up the City of Sheffield Senior Schools Orchestra. They will be supported by the Yorkshire-based Austonley Brass Quintet. The Austonley Brass Ensemble (dectet) will perform at the 2017 Festival but the players wanted to be involved with this concert. I would like to thank Garrath Beckwith and his colleagues for waiving their fee to support the Cantamus Choir, Sheffield Music Hub and the Bradfield Festival of Music.

After the concert light refreshments will be served in the Church Hall and you will have the opportunity to pick up information leaflets about the 2016 Festival and also purchase entry tickets and Patron passes.

I would like to thank everyone who has assisted in any way whatsoever in the staging of this concert and also the Bradfield Festival of Music Committee for supporting me in promoting this event. I hope you are able to give your support by attending the concert and giving encouragement to these exceptionally gifted young performers.